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      Automobile Inspections      

It doesn't matter if you're selling a vehicle*, or buying one, we can inspect your vehicle for you. Inspections are $ 60.00 (Pass OR Fail) and no appointment is necessary, but you're welcome to call and set up an appointment for faster service. Estimates (for any necessary repairs) are prepared upon your request at the completion of your vehicle inspection.
(Vehicles sell faster when inspected-and passes- before the sale)

Brake Service
(Prices Start As Low As $ 69.95 Parts/Labor)

Come in and have your brakes inspected free of charge. Our brake inspections include checking calipers and wheel cylinders for leakage, linings and pads for wear, as well as checking your drums and rotors with a micrometer for wear. Brake Service prices begin at $ 69.95 for parts and labor.

                    Computer Diagnostics

We can perform an Engine Diagnostic Test, or, pull the computer error codes to determine the cause of a "check engine" light.   Prices Start As Low As $ 39.99

CV Axles

Prices start @ $149.99parts/labor 
(prices vary according to make, model, and year)

Electrical Troubleshooting

We can diagnose your electrical problems on any vehicle. Prices will vary according to the nature of the problem. Call today to setup an appointment.

Front End Alignments

Front End Alignments  $ 49.99*  / 4 Wheel Alignments  $ 59.99*
Before aligning your vehicle, we will inspect your steering components for wear. After determining that all parts meet the minimum specifications, we will align your vehicle using a "state of the art" alignment machine. We can align vehicles with up to "22" rims.
Vehicles requiring additional shims or camber bolts will cost extra.

Major Engine Repair

Engines installed and overhauled. Call today for more pricing information.

Motorcycle Inspections

Motorcycle inspections are $ 50.00 (Pass OR Fail) and most cases, can be performed while you wait. Estimates (for any necessary repairs) are prepared upon your request at the completion of your motorcycle inspection.

Motorcycle Repair

All types of repair /service available for your motorcycle.
 Call today to setup an appointment

Oil Change

Most vehicles $ 24.95 (exotic vehicles slightly higher). 
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We can replace your shocks and struts. Prices vary per vehicle.

Wheel Balancing

Speed balance your vehicles tires for a smoother, safer ride.
Most vehicles $ 8.95/tire.

Transmission Service

First, we'll road test your vehicle for any unusual noises, then we'll check for fluid leaks and check the pressure. We'll also remove the transmission pan, replace the filter and fluid, and we'll road test   your vehicle again.   Prices As Low As $ 78.00


Maintenance Tune-Ups As Low As $ 49.99 (Select 4cyl. engines). Maintenance Tune-Ups consist of replacing the spark plugs, checking the distributor cap, ignition rotor and wires, set timing and carburetion (where applicable), and finish by checking all fluid levels, belts, hoses, and filters. (Replacement of additional parts extra).